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Real Time Trading Ideas in the Foreign Exchange Market

We apply Elliott Wave, global macro and sentiment analysis to make directional bets on spot FX (and Currency Futures) and Options on listed Currency Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's).

Trading Style & Methodology

We send about two to four FX trade signals per week (1-2 per month for Currency Options) and deliver a continuous stream of research and commentary which we post to our FX Blog to keep you updated on positions, market action, key news, economic events, and trade ideas we are considering.

We cover both Spot Forex and Currency Futures (CME)...the following pairs:

  50/50 profit method

Score Double- and Triple-digit Gains with a Low-cost Currency Trading Vehicle

Currency Options Strategist utilizes a low-cost leveraged trading vehicle to earn large returns with directional bets on currencies. It recommends simply buying puts and calls. (Complicated spreads, straddles, writing and, thus, margin requirements are not included.) 

Trading ideas include specific buy (entry) and sell (exit) suggestions so you know as soon as we think it is time to get in and out.

There are generally one to two new trade ideas issued per month. But there is no predetermined time or frequency of delivery for trading ideas since the process is driven solely by market conditions. 

Market price action obviously dictates the holding period. But typically our subscribers may have a given options trade open for as short as one week or as long as a few months.


We offer low-cost monthly and annual plans for our FX Signals & Currency Options service.

Note: Key Market Strategies is included as part of your FX Signals & Currency Options subscription. 

How are trade signals delivered?

Signals are sent via email, text to mobile phone, and Skype. 

What's included in trade signals?

Trade signals include the FX pair, the order type, suggested risk, profit targets and updates for the life of the trade.

Example trade signal