Monti exits stage left...Silvio is back. Is it another "ruh-roh" moment?


This is not a test for conspiracy theorists: What do the following have in common?

1.     Goldman Sachs

2.     Trilateral Commission

3.     Bilderberger Group

They were all associations of current, and soon to be former, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. He was a consultant for Goldman, European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, and long-term member of the Bilderberger Group, according to Wikipedia. I share this information to show just how well-connected Mr. Monti is. To say he is among the elites of Europe seems a vast understatement. Knowing this, I think you can better imagine panic which swept through European capitals when they received news Mr. Monti is exiting stage left, and Mr. Silvio Berlusconi is riding back into town on his white horse stage right. It is just too fresh!  


Currency Currents 10 December 2012