Dow Theory: Non-confirmation Warning with Aussie and Transports?

repetition“The game does not change and neither does human nature.”          

-Jesse Livermore

From the classic, Dow Theory, by Robert Rhea, 1932: :  

The movement of both the railroad and industrial stock averages should always be considered together. The movement of one price average must be confirmed by the other before reliable inferences may be drawn. Conclusions based upon the movement of one average, unconfirmed by the other, are almost certain to prove misleading.  

The most useful part of the Dow theory, and the part that must never be forgotten for even a day, is the fact that no price movement is worthy of consideration unless the movement is confirmed by both averages.  

022212 dow theory

Adding one more risk asset to the picture—Aussie-USD (brown line in chart below); it isn’t confirming either ...

022212 dow theory aud

... and the game plays on ...