Dissecting Jack’s favorite trade setup – do you cut it?

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Back on April 12th, Jack issued this trading alert to his subscribers:

Recommendation:  Sell short AUD/USD below 1.0511 [last price: 1.0520]  

12 April 2013/8:20 a.m. ET 

Issue #251 

I suggest you sell AUD/USD below 1.0511; risking to 1.0561; targeting 1.0347  

The idea: the Australian dollar seemed extremely overvalued based on its linkage with global commodities, which have been breaking down sharply over the last several months ...

Jack followed that alert with these comments, offering up key levels and a chart setup – his rationales for placing this trade:

AUD/USD Daily: Looking for upper channel to cap. Risk/reward seems skewed to the downside.

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AUD/USD Hourly:  Correction complete?  Or another leg up?  Let’s see if this moves in line with the background news.  Reserve Bank rate cut on the way, tensions in Asia, and still lingering concern about a global recovery, especially as it pertains to China. 

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That trade turned into one of many winners Jack has helped subscribers realize this year. His results speak for themselves ... and I’ll get to more of that in a minute (like how Jack is basically winning $222 every day in the forex market.)

But first, I asked him for his latest favorite trade set-up. Here it is ...

He told me he’s watching both the Canadian dollar and the British pound to weaken against the US dollar; and he’s looking for big trend move, expecting what we have seen lately in both currencies to represent mere corrections in their longer-term weakening trends. He sent me this chart on the British pound/US Dollar pair as it appears the setup may be starting to play out—today!

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I’m looking for the British pound to breakdown to a new intermediate-term low over the next several weeks— but I’m only targeting 1.5200 on this trade before I expect some support. This is a trade setup I recently shared with my subscribers, and the risk was about 80 pips, or $800 per standard lot, on this trade. The profit target, should it be achieved, would earn a cool 340 pips ... $3,400 per standard lot.

Are you seeing the same setup? Do you have a framework, a disciplined system, for identifying and managing your trades?

Jack does, and he’s been absolutely knocking it out of the park this year.

His Black Swan Forex newsletter alerts assume trading only one standard-sized lot (100k contracts) per recommendation. In other words: that’s a very conservative assumption. 

For example, his recommendations have shown a return of 53% year-to-date, based on a $50,000 starting account size. Using Jack’s basic position-sizing assumptions, he’s helped subscribers pull as much as $26,000 of profit out of the forex market in just the last four months ... by explicitly following his suggested trades! [That breaks down to about $222 per day this year.]

If you were following Jack’s ideas precisely, but were trading TWO lots instead of only one, those profit numbers would be double for you. FOUR lots instead of just one and your results would be four times as good.

Of course, as real as these profits are, and as great as the potential of forex is, this type of trading newsletter is not for everyone ...

You’ve seen (above) exactly how Jack runs this service – it’s based on his structured trading framework; it’s straightforward and the recommendations are easy to interpret. The question is: can you handle a regimented trading approach that doesn’t win 100% of the time but certainly earns good money over time?

Are you cut out for making money in forex?

Don’t prove it to us – prove it to yourself.

Subscribe today ... and start making money.

-JR Crooks