11 Reasons You Will Make Real Profits with Black Swan Forex

Reason #4: Actionable Ideas that Let You Win Twice as Much as You Lose

"Two Steps Forward, One Step Back" is often interpreted as a constant struggle to gain ground.

I see it differently.

And if you're a trader, I bet you see it like I do. Two steps forward minus one step back equals a solid victory every time.

Keep that up, and you'll be among a minority of traders who can call themselves successful.

My subscribers can make that claim if they followed my recommendations the last two years. [In that time, the average winning trade produced 110 PIPs profit. Average loss was only 55 PIPs.]

As I told you in Reason #1 on Wednesday, my trading recommendations have been very profitable ...

  In 2013 ... +84%
  In 2014 ... +71% (YTD thru 10/21/14)

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VIDEO: 11 Reasons You Will Make Real Profits with Black Swan Forex

- Jack Crooks
President, Black Swan Capital

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