BSFX Uncovered for You ... This Week Only

You are going to get a FREE “Insider’s Look” at Black Swan Forex (BSFX) this week.

And you don’t need to do anything except follow along.

Here’s how it’ll go ...

Two weeks ago, I gave you 11 Reasons Why BSFX Can Help You Earn Real Profits. That video explained the effectiveness of BSFX and its benefits to you.

Since I first sent that video, subscribers had the opportunity to make better than 100 PIPs – nearly $1,000 – per week.*

This week you are going to get an even deeper look into exactly how BSFX functions.

Each day I’ll explain one facet of the straightforward advice and analysis that can help you earn consistent profits:


Tuesday 11/11: Pull the Trigger

  • When to Make a New Trade

Wednesday 11/12: Know When to Jump Ship

  • How to Manage Risk Easily

Thursday 11/13: Adjust on the Fly

  • How to tweak open trades to maximize profit and minimize loss

Friday 11/14: Understand the Reasons

  • What to Look for In a Trade

Monday 11/17: Check It Off the List

  • How to Ensure You're Ready to Trade FX

And in two days ...

ON WEDNESDAY, November 12, you’ll be sent LIVE trading alerts and other BSFX content that’s normally reserved for paying subscribers.

Why would I do this?

Purely for selfish reasons, of course.

I want loyal subscribers who understand real trading when they see it. And I want to feel good about offering them the opportunity to profit and learn from a trading system that truly delivers.

Update: Year-to-date, the ROI on my BSFX trades in 2014 is 78.6%.

So tune in all week to get the complete picture and receive LIVE trade alerts.

And be sure to tell your friends about it. [Send them this link to register before Wednesday morning.]


Talk to you tomorrow when I dissect a BSFX alert so you know exactly how to pull the trigger on a new trade.



P.S. When I talk about profit and return numbers, nothing is hypothetical. Everything is based on exact trade recommendations I provide to subscribers. These results depend on a couple basic (and very conservative) assumptions:

1) Based on 1 (one) lot per trade
2) Based on trading 100k-contract lot size per pair      
3) Entry and exit prices based on precise levels indicated in alerts (does not include slippage or commission)