Boom: The Aussie delivers profits just as anticipated

Let me recall an urgent question I put forth last Thursday: JPY, GBP, AUD: Big moves coming ...???

Now, if I were going to say I told you so, this is when I would say it.

My chart analysis suggested a big move was possible for the Japanese yen, the British pound, and the Australian dollar. But my indicators had not trigger any trades at the moment. In fact, only today does it look like a trade idea will trigger on the yen.

Anyway, that's why I suggested the indicators I use serve better as an early alert system than a precise timing tool.

Also as I suggested, Jack uses indicators that do offer precise timing for trading ideas that can anticipate big movements in currencies.

In fact, his indicators worked perfectly on an Australian dollar trade he issued Thursday (shortly after I wrote to you). The position is still open and is showing gains of around 80 PIPs ($800) per lot of AUD/USD.

Once this trade is closed I'll share with you the chart setup he used to make this trade recommendation.

What's more, he also added a position in GBP/USD this morning. Remember: my indicators still haven't triggered a GBP/USD trade either, but it appears a trade might be triggered as early as tomorrow. Jack, however, is already positioned accordingly.

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