Who's at fault: Obama or Putin? Neither, actually ...

First of all, Barack Obama couldn't be to blame for escalating tensions between Russia and the West.

After all, he has no time for foreign policy because he's too busy reaching out to his voter base to promote Obamacare ... errr, the Affordable Care Act, I mean.

Second of all, Vladimir Putin could not be to blame either. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel feels Putin is being influenced by something beyond his control, suggesting recently that the Russian leader is "in another world."

Luckily my intense research has uncovered exactly what "another world" Putin is in. And as it turns out, everyone else is in that same "another world" too.

I credit the The Independent with making this discovery. Actually, that's not fair -- Al Gore deserves some credit too.

This "another world" to which Merkel must have been alluding is one plagued by global warming and, of course, climate change (when global warming doesn't fit).

If you say "JR, no, you're crazy. The Independent is crazy," then I ask you to explain the evidence of "scorched earth policy" in all these articles: 

How does Global Warming relate to war?

Will global warming lead to more war?

Will global warming cause more wars?

Wars, Murders to Rise Due to Global Warming?

Study says global warming will lead to war

In Quest to Understand Climate Change and Conflict, Avoid ...

John Kerry's Phony Climate War

(Note: I did not read the above articles, but I want to bring them to your attention because their mere existence confirms climate change as public enemy #1, right?)

My apologies: I forgot to give John Kerry some credit earlier. He seems to have picked up the torch (pun intended?) now that Al has faded into the background.

So, and this is directed at you Ms. Peggy Noonan who writes in the Wall Street Journal and asks "What is our foreign policy? Disliking global warming?" ...

My answer is 'YES.'

How else can you explain the perpetual audacity of US foreign policy? How else can you explain how a group of Western nations can make Russia look like social, cultural and psychological role models? How else can you explain Crimea voting overwhelmingly to be taken back under Russian rule?

Two words.

Of course, those two words explain more than just growing conflict in this world. Those two words also explain why the markets have been behaving the way they have? 

How? I have no idea. But I wanted to throw that in there to reduce the hate mail telling us we're supposed to be talking about the markets in this column.

To finish off this thought, I know of many market watchers who are focusing on cycles to help pinpoint major trend changes in global asset classes over the coming years.

Among those cycles are the cycles of war and weather.

I'm pretty good on bicycles but not on war cycles. War cycles may or may not be intertwined with weather cycles. I don't know. But I feel decently confident in suggesting that even if war cycles and weather cycles are aligning, it's irresponsible to declare through climate change propaganda that we the people are effectively responsible for dictating the weather but not necessarily war.