Market cooling; global cooling? Buy commodities.

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“The friend of the present order of things condemns all political speculations in the gross.”

--Thomas Malthus

Commentary & Analysis

Market cooling; global cooling?  Buy commodities.

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I don’t want to jump into the debate whether or not there is “global warming,” the old phrase; the new doublespeak phrase is “climate change.”  (Gee gosh, the climate changes? Shocking!) I realize even suggesting there is a debate identifies me as a “climate denier,” one who should be burned (ironically) at the stake. As much as Europeans hate to hear this, there some uncultured rubes such as me who remain skeptical of “climate science.”  And in fact, even a Google search will show there are “accredited” scientists who also remain skeptical (I am sure Google will do what is right and expunge such heretics from its search engine as quickly as possible. Winston Smith, truly a model of efficiency at the Ministry of Truth, would have already taken care of that).

But by some accounts, Martin Armstrong’s summary below to be exact, the globe is cooling.  And that factoid, should it be a factoid, means this: long-term investors should be buying commodities. READ MORE...