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This Is Your Chance to Make Real Profits Trading Forex

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Why use Black Swan Forex?

If your business profit is in any way connected to the directional movement in the forex market, we believe our service can have a considerable impact on your bottom line.  Our ideas can be integrated with your current decision-making process to enhance timing, risk-reward ratios and the accuracy of your market predictions and precision of your risk strategies.

Who uses Black Swan Forex?

Our service is designed for sophisticated clients who actively trade forex or use forex to hedge exposures in their businesses:

  • Individual Investors
  • Retail Spec Traders
  • Institutional Proprietary Traders
  • Hedge Funds
  • Senior Risk Managers
  • CTAs
  • Corporate Treasuries

How does Black Swan Forex work?

The service is easy to follow. We produce two different types of alerts: Recommendations and Updates.  Additionally we research and analysis daily for your review at our website archives.  

Trading recommendations cover three distinct time-frames:

  1. Short-term - based on hourly/360-min charts, with an estimated holding period of one to two days
  2. Medium-term - with an estimated holding period  of five days to a couple of weeks.
  3. Long-term - based on weekly charts, with an estimated holding period four to ten weeks. 

Updates will vary but can include any of the following:

  • Chart analysis of specific currency pairs that present potential trade setups
  • Open position summaries
  • General market commentary

All trading recommendations are recorded per currency pair and in total, updated periodically and viewable

Click here to view an example ‘Trade Recommendation’

Click here to view an example ‘Update’

Click here to listen to a sample video update on the euro

What to know about Trade Recommendations

When we feel a market setup becomes an actionable trading opportunity, it will be issued as a Recommendation with actionable, real-time entry and exit prices.

All open trading positions will be tracked throughout the trade. Adjustments to exit prices (stop-loss and profit target levels) will be specifically communicated. In short, we will issue recommendations to help you manage the position till completion.

Currency pairs we cover*

USD/JPY                     GBP/USD         

EUR/USD                    USD/CAD                                                  

USD/CHF                    AUD/USD 

*We do provide updates on additional pairs, but the list above represents our primary coverage.                      



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