With his help, you can crack this market ...

In Currency Currents I warned about a coming top for the euro.

And so far, last week has proven me right!

But regardless of whether or not the euro continues lower, Jack has already helped his subscribers capitalize on this idea.

Last week he recommended they short EUR/USD. With that recommendation, and with his recommended stop-loss adjustments, subscribers would have been able to leave with as much as +200 pips of PROFIT in the trade. (That's as much as $2,000 of profit assuming one trades just a single standard-sized lot.)

That euro profit came on the coattails of another nice PROFIT (+173 pips) from trading the Canadian dollar (USD/CAD).

Keep in mind: Jack is producing these profits as markets are cracking and the consensus is becoming fearful.

You too can crack this market (and keep from cracking under the pressure) ... with his guidance.

The subscription cost for his trading alerts -- Black Swan Forex -- amounts to mere peanuts when you consider his last two closed profits amounted to $3,730 together. 

Oh ... and his trading recommendations year-to-date have generated an ROI of about 50%.

Yeah, seriously!

And one more thing -- you can start getting his alerts with no obligation. That is: if within the first 30 days you realize this sort of thing isn't for you, just cancel and we'll issue a full refund.

Sign up now and start making money while other investors crack under the pressure of a cracking market.

Thanks for reading,

JR Crooks


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