As of Monday morning we were up 45% year-to-date in our forex trading service. It hasn’t been a straight line. We've had our drawdowns.  But the clients who have stayed with us have been thoroughly rewarded. 

Overall ... Black Swan Forex is easy to understand and follow. It offers ACTIONABLE trades for real people; it’s not for scalpers.

We always share our rationales for a trade, technical and/or fundamental. We hold positions for on average for 3.6 days. And this is an important statistic for you since I strongly believe one of the major advantages for retail forex traders is positional. You don’t and shouldn’t fight against the big boys on an intraday basis. You don’t have to constantly be in the market, and when you are you should be in for good reasons, always looking for opportunities to either reduce your exposure to risk or lock in profits along the way.

That is what we do in BSFX.


This service is fast-paced and not for everyone. But it is easy to follow via email or a Yahoo! Messenger alert to your mobile phone or computer. That's how you will receive actionable trading opportunities, i.e. real trading ideas you can enter in a timely manner.

It's time to get serious about your money.

Choose your payment option and start receiving FX trading alerts and analysis immediately!

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What to know about Trade Recommendations

When a market setup becomes an actionable trading opportunity, it will be issued as a recommendation including real-time entry and exit prices. Additionally, it assumed short-term recommendtions will be one unit, while long-term will be two units. Long-term positions may be built up (adds) or reduced (profit taking) during the trade.

All open trading positions will be tracked throughout the trade. Adjustments to exit prices (stop-loss and profit target levels) will be specifically communicated. In short, we will issue recommendaitons to help you manage the position till completion.

Currency pairs* we cover

USD/JPY                               EUR/GBP             USD/ZAR                            

EUR/USD                             EUR/JPY               USD/BRL                             

USD/CHF                             EUR/CHF              USD/SGD

GBP/USD                             GBP/JPY              

USD/CAD                             AUD/JPY


*We do provide updates on additional pairs, but the list above represents our primary coverage.


Membership Cost 

Monthly Subscription              $99

Quarterly Subscription            $275

Annual Subscription                $995


Refund Policy

You may cancel your subscription at any time.  Upon cancellation you will receive a pro-rated refund on any unused portion of your initial subscription.