Nor how he's made a 58% Return On Investment while they're struggling to stay out of the red.

It is like The Wall Street Journal is doing our work for us.

They just released a promotional article for Black Swan Capital - though they don't know it!

Perhaps you saw our short write-up in the sidebar of your Currency Currents emails last week. It explained that hedge funds are having real trouble in this market ... at the same time the trading advice from our Chief Trading Officer, Jack Crooks, has been immensely profitable. 

And more recently, the Wall Street Journal has now shown how poorly currency funds in particular are doing this year.

In fact, I'm here to show you exactly how badly Jack's beating the pants off of currency funds this year. And when I'm done, I'll show you howyou can get in on the action.

After trading eight different currency pairs this year, Jack has only lost money on one ...

Considering the breakdown of all his trades by currency pair, only the New Zealand dollar has eluded him (and barely).

In other words: he's been consistently producing profits all year long, without the volatility that's confounding the country's top currency funds, rendering their performance pitiful.

It is clear investors are worried about the value of the US dollar and fiat currencies. It's the reason why many Americans seek trading exposure to currencies - to hedge against these exchange-rate fluctuations.

But as The Wall Street Journal article points out, the appeal diminishes quite rapidly when funds can't appropriately react to price action in an environment of unprecedented global monetary policies.

So why hasn't Jack had the same trouble?

The answer is simple. The solution is unique.

Jack has put technical analysis in the driver's seat. No longer are his complex, and often prescient fundamental views, a main factor in his trading decisions.

Jack says it's too easy to commit cardinal sins of trading when you start weaving a fundamental theme into your trading decisions.

When you begin to understand the psychological aspect of trading, you realize how quickly you can violate proper trading practices. But this recognition is only half the battle.

What's unique to Jack's performance is his trading framework.

Going back to The Wall Street Journal article again, it says there are funds that may shut down because the performance has been so dismal. And one fund cited doubt over the merit of its trading model.

And there it is. It's impossible to rely on technical analysis, the way Jack and so many other funds do, if the trading model is not solid.

Let's go back to October of last year. That's when Jack made an important tweak to his trading model.

A tweak that gave him the freedom to ring-fence his macroeconomic thematic analysis and let price action do the talking. And now his trading framework is delivering success in a way similar to those systems you read about in books.

I think back to the original Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager.

Schwager's book detailed the methods of traders - Bruce Kovner, Paul Tudor Jones, Ed Seykota and Marty Schwartz to name a few - who'd become highly successful in the decades leading up to the early-Nineties when the book was published.

So what about Jack ties his framework in with systems of successful traders?


He addresses the critical questions of trade exit and risk management. Always has. Always will.

To be sure: this is a feature that's kept Jack in the game for more than 25 years. But this attention to risk, albeit a prerequisite of success, is not the "tweak" Jack made last year. And it's not the only thing that ties Jack's framework in with the Kovners and Joneses and Seykotas of the business.

Jack's "tweak" has allowed him to better identify, and position in, high-probability trades.

In fact, his newly-refined system utilizes  what Jack refers to as a "three-wave pulse" analysis of the market. It's a more objective and systematic approach that's reduced the average holding period of a trade (now 3.61 days), required tighter risk discipline  and generated better overall profitability.

Year to date, Jack's trading recommendations have yielded an ROI of 58%!

Click on the thumbnail to view a full summary of Jack's 2013 YTD Trading Statistics

Those recommendations were sent directly to subscribers of his Black Swan Forex newsletter, via email and text message.

So if his subscribers followed his exact recommendations, including his very conservative position-size assumptions, they would have been able to rake in $28,776 in just over four months!

Of course, that dollar figure could be significantly ramped up if the position-sizing were adjusted.

But what's so appealing about Jack's success this year - since October, actually - is the breakdown of his trades. His statistics reveal the consistency, discipline and durability of his trading framework.

  • It is winning more than 50% of the time.
  • The average winning trade is over twice as large as  the average losing trade.
  • And, of course, it has produced a 58% return on all closed positions in 2013!

In the market, where nothing is ever certain, these statistics speak volumes.

Trading is about playing the probabilities you can identify ... and then controlling the risk. And for anything less than long-term investing, there is no better mentality with which to approach the market.


And we have received plenty of feedback that agrees:

"I've been with Black Swan since July 2009.  When they send out a trade recommendation I always check my charts to verify that I am showing the exact same price at the exact same time they are using.  In 4 years, it's always checked out to be exactly what they say - every time.  And, their track records - win, lose or draw - they report their true results, no fudging.  Jack and his team are honest and reliable.  Their signals and market insights are golden." 

Robert B.

Denver, CO 


With Black Swan Forex Service I finally found what I've been looking for a long time - an affordable, reliable & timely trading signals which give me a way to quickly enter trades or define orders. It's perfect for me as I'm too busy with work and other stuff, so I can't commit serious time to do the thorough analysis myself, but I still like that every recommendation is followed by a chart, updates, fundamentals and market conditions, so that one can clearly understand the reasoning behind it. Actually for me it has as much value in being educational as it has in an actual profit making. It helped me to extend my Elliot wave, fibo and other technical analysis knowledge, but above all it taught me the importance of patience. As far as the profit goes and overall success rate, I especially like the transparent track record which speaks enough for itself. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.



Black Swan's signal service for high probability trades nets me significant profits consistently. Updates and market analysis to the end of each trade increase confidence and understanding. New and experienced traders should be capitalizing on these high integrity recommendations.


Gene W.

Business Owner

Nashville, TN


I have been happy with the Forex trading recommendations ... Not every trade is successful, but risk is managed and my overall performance is quite profitable.

Wayne P.


I am a subscriber to the Black Swan Forex service. I find this service to be excellent. It provides good trading signals which I have found to be reasonably accurate. I have grown my account substantially by using these signals. In addition, I have found Jack Crooks to be a very professional person who is easy to contact and responds to my email and inquiries quickly. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to trade and win in the Forex market.

Robert L. W.

Garden City, NY


Now is your chance to harness a proper market mentality ... and a proven, money-making trading framework that can mitigate volatile economic forces.

Don't ever forget: there will always be threats to your money.

As long as the status quo of global policymaking remains in play, there will always be fiat currency concerns; there will always be major structural risks in the global financial system; there will always be irrational decision-makers moving asset prices.

But there will not always be warning signs before very real threats manifest themselves in the market and your portfolio.

Rarely are there ever sufficient warning signs.

That's why you have to make efficient use of your money now and have a plan as those threats become reality.

At a time when so many hedge funds, and especially currency funds, have been baffled by price action and policymakers, Jack has found his stride and is winning big.

Be a winner with him.

Become a member of Black Swan Forex

Receive his consistently profitable trading advice. 

And learn how a disciplined and durable trading framework can work for you no matter what's going on in the global economy or behind the closed doors of governments and central banks.

Make it happen for you. And make it happen now.

Black Swan Forex.

Thanks for reading.


-JR Crooks

Vice President, Black Swan Capital


P.S. Jack's performance should leave little to be questioned -- this is a professionally-run service that is making money.

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