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Copper Weekly: We may be near an intermediate-term bottom.  If so, the could tell us something good about commodity currencies.  

British Pound Futures:  Huge volume --a washout move?  

Natural Gas Weekly: Has plunged to a multi-year target price...I had a target price for about five years of achieve that back in 2012; then bounce sharply to 6.50 (key retracement resistance) and has now fallen back to the below is the case with oil, there is little on the horizon to suggest a big move anytime soon.  But if you are looking for a long-term value play, this may be it.  Recent piece in Foreign Affairs magazine on US prospects with liquefied natural gas.  

011916 nat gas.png

USD/JPY Hourly:  Looking for one more minor corrective push lower, then long...

011916 jpy hourly.png

Bank of England Chief Mark Carney on interest rates--it crushed the pound today just as minor recovery was underway.

GBP/USD vs. Oil (01/15/16): An extremely tight correlation.

S&P 500 Index vs. Triple-Short ETF SPXS (01/15/16): Maybe a way for you to hedge some stock exposure.  

GBP/USD Daily (01/15/16): Coming into confluence support?  Daily swing support from March 2009 and Fib extension support...