Will the Chinese yuan soon replace the US dollar as the World Reserve Currency?

Not in this lifetime!

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When it comes to investing in China, we will show you exactly how to understand the key threats ... so you’ll have a much better understanding of the risks. By not understanding the real China you could risk everything.

China's Economy is ready to Collapse.  

We'll examine:

1. Why we don’t see any conceivable way the Chinese currency will replace the dollar within the next 30 years

2. In fact, there is a rising probability China may not even be a key global competitor by 2030

3. A look at global monetary standards past suggest that the existing order isn’t as bad as we think

4. There is virtually no chance we will see a gold or a commodity-based standard again unless we see a drastic change with our political culture

5. The US dollar may have put in a major bottom based on the action in interest rates and our wave charts since implementation of Fed QE2 began

6. What happens next ... (The China story will end in tears.)

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