What: fundamental and technical analysis targeting intermediate-term trading time frames in the commodities market.

  • Research & Commentary: proprietary global market and commodity research, commentary and opinions, thematic analysis and scenario development . 
  • Directional Analysis: a three-month 'long' or 'short' forecast on eight major commodity futures contracts, plus audio/visual presentations of technical analysis covering these commodities.
  • Actionable Trading Ideas: moderately active trading ideas and recommendations covering US-listed Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs), and occasionally some stocks offering commodity exposure.
  • Exclusive Access to Market Vitals 
  • Free Access to BLACKSWAN Briefings.

For: independent financial advisors, hedge funds, CTAs, small companies and retail traders seeking to gain an edge with unique ideas, seasoned analysis and profitable advice.

By: JR Crooks

Price: $395/year