Commodities Essential - November 16, 2011

Alert: crude is looking extended. 

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Crude oil has bucked the risk-appetite trend of late. While the S&P 500, the euro and other commodities have been mostly moving sideways, crude oil has been moving up, up, up. 


The move can be attributed to some near-term bullish supply and demand data; some longer-term industry research warnings; and relatively neutral market sentiment.


I’ve noted that crude oil has breached some key resistance levels, somewhat altering my intermediate-term view, despite the lack of follow-through from other commodities. Thus I’ve been hesitant to jump back in front of this rally too soon. While I was surprised to see it keep pressing higher, I was not ruling out a surge up through $100 before a direction change was in order. And after today’s more than 2% move has taken crude decisively through the psychologically critical $100 mark, I think this may be a good time to pick a top. At least, we can capitalize on a short-term pullback; at most, we can time this with a major deterioration in global economic forecasts and market sentiment and sustained downward pressure on crude prices.


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DTO (Last Price: $38.88)


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[Please note this is a 2x-leveraged inverse fund which means it will move roughly twice as fast, and in the opposite direction, as the underlying price of crude oil.]