Flash Alert - May 13, 2011

Alert: A Buying Opportunity in Silver

Add SLV now.

Silver was down to take out last week’s low point yesterday. It moved down through $33 on a second test of its 100-day moving average but then settled above that level. 

The daily moves in silver remain large on a percentage basis. As I discussed in Currency Currents yesterday, this move in silver now qualifies as a three-wave corrective move on a daily chart. I want to add now to capture a potential bounce in the price of silver should it occur soon.

I recommend using SLV (iShares Silver Trust). Since silver’s moves are so sizable of late I think using SLV (an unleveraged ETF) is the best bet as it allows us some additional breathing room on the downside. [More aggressive traders might consider buying AGQ instead.]  

Note: I am not writing off the risk off additional commodity market downside, but I do think the downside has become a bit exhausted. And should the market-wide risk-aversion subside, then we’re in on silver at an excellent price for the long-haul.

Let’s put out an order to add SLV now. 


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 SLV (Last Price: $34.67)

Buy shares of iShares Silver Trust, symbol SLV, at the market. Then place an order to SELL ALL your shares of iShares Silver Trust, symbol SLV, at $31.00, STOP. This order is good till cancelled.