Commodities Essential - August 26, 2011

Alert: corn popping.

Let’s adjust stop-loss on CORN again …

Concerns over crop yields supported the price of corn this week. Technically, there are indications that corn can breakout sharply to new highs here; but I am cautious because corn has been in a steady uptrend for the better part of 14 days, signalling that a pull back may be in order. 

I think it is a good time to lock in most of the open gains on our position in CORN. This cuts down our risk even further yet leaves us open to additional upside. 


Trade Essentials. 

CORN (Last Price: $50.00)

CANCEL AND REPLACE your order to SELL ALL your shares of Teucrium Corn Fund, symbol CORN, at $46.90, STOP. New Price: $49.00, STOP; this order is good till cancelled.