A short-term item and a long-term item.

That means now may be a good time to dip in on the long side of commodities.

But over the intermediate-term, I still think a downshift in global growth expectations will keep pressure applied to commodities.

Let's turn our attention to the long-term for a moment. I started this Commodities Essential newsletter with a different mindset than most commodities analysts - I aim to deliver what matter towards investment profits ... rather than simply regurgitate the commodities super-cycle story. Nevertheless, I accepted the potential for the super-cycle story to pan out as long as the global economic and financial system perpetuated business as usual.

But now a serious question is being posed. The great commodities super-cycle (among other things) brought plenty of commodity players - investors and speculators - to the table. But since the risks to the financial status quo are rising, are commodities at risk of becoming definancialized? And if so, what does that mean for investors?

Commodities Essential. 1 June 2012

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