Alert: natural gas out of gas?

Let's tighten the stop-loss on UNG.

I can still make the case for the price of natural gas to rise toward $3.60. But today's decline of over 6% currently gives cause for hesitation. The move may simply be a shakeout of longs and may be sucking in some shorts, as the price is testing a near-term support level where there are likely orders sitting. But in case there is follow through to this move, let's reduce the risk of losing additional profits on this trade by adjusting the stop-loss level now.

Trade Essentials.

Here is what I suggest you consider doing now:

UNG (Last price: $20.39)

CANCEL and REPLACE your order to SELL ALL your shares of United States Natural Gas Fund, symbol UNG, at $15.10, STOP. NEW PRICE: $19.93, STOP; this order is good till cancelled.