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We utilize a 50-pip half-profit trading methodology.  It’s easy to follow.  Here is how it works:

1. You will receive a forex trading signal from Black Swan Capital.

2. Each signal will indicate:

  • What forex pair to enter
  • How to enter the order
    • Market
    • Stop-in entry
    • Limit
  • How much you should risk, i.e. a stop-loss level
  • A profit target

3. Consider the idea as one trading idea, but broken into two pieces, i.e. a first half of the trade and a second half of the trade. E.G. If you buy a 100k lot per the trade idea, you will then consider for profit-taking purposes this trade as two 50k lots.

4. Once a 50-pip profit is achieved on the trade, exit the first half of the trade, i.e. grab a 50 pip profit then...

5. Automatically adjust your stop-loss (risk) to the original break-even entry level for the remaining half of the trade (in the example above that would be on the remaining 50k lot position).

6. Black Swan will manage the trade with you from here to fruition.

7. Each half of the trade will be weighed at 50%; thus a 50 pip profit on half the trade is considered only 25 pips profit for track record purposes. 


Example Trading Signal Sent to Subscribers*:

*You will receive a chart setup and rationales for each trading idea; emailed to you either before the trade or shortly after the trade suggestion is issue.

...thus your actions after receiving this trade idea:

  • Sell xx amount of AUD/USD at market, which was 0.7605
  • Enter a stop-loss on the trade at 0.7635
  • Enter an order to grab 50 pips profit on half of the position by placing a buy limit order at 0.7555 good till cancelled
  • If the 50-pip target is achieved on the 1st half position, which is 0.7555, then adjust the stop-loss on the remaining half position to 0.7605, i.e. break even entry
  • Black Swan will help you manage the trade idea to fruition by issuing ideas to either lock in more profit or take profit at the market before the original target is achieved.