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If Black Swan Capital doesn’t produce at least 500 pips net profit* per year profit from the trading signals it issues during the 12-month period subscribers will receive a full refund on all subscriptions paid during the year.


  1. A subscriber maintains an up-to-date subscription with Black Swan Capital for at least one-year in order to qualify.
  2. 500 pips profit based on trading only one contract per trade idea.
  3. Performance of signal is based on entering and exiting trades on exact suggested levels indicated in the original trade alerts and follow-up issues– either adjusting risk levels or suggesting profit taking (i.e. no slippage or commission).
  4. A subscriber will be designated an anniversary date, which will be the day he or she subscribes to the forex signal service.  This anniversary date will be used to judge the performance, i.e. determine if the 500 pip profitability is achieved, on a rolling 12-month basis. 
  5. Our track record will be updated and made available to you on a regular basis so you can continue to monitor the performance of the service.