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...and Elliott is our favorite poet

He had command.

He was a poet considered by some as an “incarnation of literary correctness in the English-speaking world.”

His name is T.S. Eliot. And he used his command of words to shape the emotions and feelings of readers; to wit:

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future,
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable.

---T.S. Eliot, an excerpt from Burnt Norton (Alec Guinness reading of Eliot's Four Quartets)

Interestingly, a different Elliott did the opposite. He harnessed emotions and feelings to shape his command of markets.

Ralph Nelson Elliott developed the Wave Principle and became what I’d call an ‘incarnation of technical analysis in the trading world.’

Think of Elliott Wave Principle as my daily poetry reading to help give you a degree of command of the market.

You see, technical analysis, especially Elliott Wave Principle, is grounded in the emotions of traders. It is essentially a collage of what traders are collectively feeling and doing at any given time. Fear and greed drive these emotions over and over again.  And the repetition forms patterns in market price structure. It isn’t always crystal clear. It isn’t always perfect, but it has worked for me. 

I use Elliott Wave to help identify trends and  potential turning points. It adds to my edge.  As a pure forecasting method, it works better than any other system or technical tool I’ve applied to markets over the past 25 years.   

Keep in mind, Elliott Wave Principle isn’t about making a monolithic “forecast” that is set in concrete.  It is about identifying the highest probability of where the market may go based on repeatable patterns.  It is a process of monitoring price action and being wide open to change.

We share a continuous stream of chart updates and commentary intended to empower you – to let you visualize the trades and gain an understanding of how our system identifies waves, trends, key levels, turning points and targets. 

Defining levels and potential trend changes with Elliott Wave allows for better odds and increased risk control.  If you speak to professional traders and ask what is most important in trading, they will tell you risk control.  Professionals control risk first and worry about profits second--trading poetry at its essence.  

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