You can tap into exotic returns with run-of-the-mill pairs

The US dollar finished off the week nicely. Against the Argentine peso, the dollar jump 14% in a single day.

Yeah – we’re talking about an emerging market where price action is often volatile. But we’re also talking about a currency. Currencies don’t move 14% in a single day. It just doesn’t happen.

But this hasn’t been a story of a single day. So many emerging currencies have been suffering at the hand of the US dollar for quite some time.


  • The buck has gained over 31% against the Turkish lira in the last 12 months.
  • In just over the last year the greenback has risen 32% versus the South African rand.
  • And the US dollar has added 20% on top of the Brazilian real in that same time.

    Talk about a nice potential profit stream. That is if you even know how to get in and trade these more exotic exchange rates.

    And that’s the thing – most people can’t trade these currencies ... or don’t want to because it takes them out of their comfort zone.


    Because once you start trading you’re then operating with leverage that’s too much for many individual investors to stomach. And that goes even for the run-of-the-mill currencies too.

    You see, I’ve been trading mostly just the major US dollar currency pairs (along with some cross rates). And even though my trading recommendations returned a profit of more than 40% in 2013, many traders still don’t want to play.

    As I’ve explained before, those impressive results are due to a small but vital tweak I made to my trading framework in October 2012. But in order for that highly profitable tweak to benefit my readers, I realized I needed to offer them something different.

    Enter Currency Options Strategist ...

    Most investors are aware of options. Chances are every individual investor has at least dabbled in stock options here and there. But same token, chances are most investors who try out options lose money.

    Again, I understand.

    Options are a very enticing product. But they are not without their own intricacies and risk.

    There are different strategies that can make money in options. But if you’re looking to generate speculative returns on one-way directional bets, then you must have a trading framework that delivers.

    And that’s what I have.

    My framework gave some of my subscribers the opportunity to make better than 40% ROI last year. And it is this same framework I now apply to Currency Options Strategist.

    In fact, my recently-launched options trading service has delivered its own impressive results.

    In just three months, subscribers have had the opportunity to close out seven traders. Six of those trades were winners. And nice winners at that.

    All said, my options trading recommendations produced an ROI of over 60% in those three short months.

    If you invested $2,000 on each trade idea, you would have produced better than $1,000 profit on each trade. (Of course, if you’re a bigger fish than you’ve got the ability to make a whole lot more than $1,000 on each trade.)

    At this point you may be interested, but there’s something bugging you ...

    Yes, the results of Currency Options Strategist are only three months young. Anybody can go out and get lucky on six of seven trades, right?


    But for some reassurance, my options trading recommendations cover strictly the five major currency ETFs. That means, these trading ideas are based upon the same proven framework that’s delivered serious profits in the spot forex market for my subscribers. And that framework has more than 14 months of results under its belt.

    The beat-down of emerging market currencies is making headlines these days. Yet so many readers don’t have a clue what to do about it.

    Well, suffice it to say, when these exotic currencies start moving wildly, you can bet the major currencies are going to move too. Using the ETFs on just these major, run-of-the-mill currencies produced the dramatic results I’ve just finished mentioning.

    Again, assuming you’d been following my options trading ideas, and you put $2,000 into each trade, you would have been able to average better than $1,000 of profit for each trade.

    Now compare that to the price of admission ...

    We charge only $395 per year. So your very first trade could pay for your subscription ... and then some.

    Yeah, that’s all good to know because hopefully you’re not plowing your hard-earned money into some other advisory service that doesn’t produce.

    But ultimately you have to decide if you want to be the one at the table tapping the profit potential in currency ETF options. Or if instead you prefer to be the one standing in the corner just watching the headlines go by.

    Take it or leave it – but we’re here with an outstretched hand once you decide.


    -Jack Crooks