Why Japan's history is so eerie and bodes ill for China!

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Most everyone thinks they know where China is headed—world hegemony and the most vibrant large economy. But whenever we project from the recent past, we are usually disappointed. There are many obstacles along the way before China rules the economic world and one of them is what we have dubbed The Far-East Parallel

It would be a game changer and holds major implications for all global asset markets, especially currencies. 

This report will help you: 

  • Understand why we have a flawed world reserve currency system
  • Know the reasoning behind the world’s current economic imbalances
  • Compare 1980s Japan versus today’s China: the similarities and the outlook

During the 1980s it appeared Japan as the Creditor Superpower was going to gobble up the world with their powerful export machine and massive current account surpluses rolling in. Then a little thing called the US stock market crash in 1987 changed the game. Dollar credit flowed from the global system triggering an improvement in the US current account balance which was followed by a US recession. This came as the Japanese yen was appreciating in value, thanks to the G7 Plaza Accord to pressure the yen higher because of all those Japanese exports. 

Fast forward to China today ... and you can easily see the parallels.

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