Earn2trade Review: Unlocking The Secrets Of Prop Trading

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Earn2Trade provides intensive funded trader routes with the futures market to assist traders in reaching their targets rapidly. The key advantage is that a lot of traders study to exchange without leading to capital risk. 

Investors who want to exchange the exchanging simulator greatly during the assessment stage with futures exchanging of the financial markets are funded for important accounts offered by prop trading agencies. 

That Earn2trade review focuses on specific information about the top programs and clarifies the attributes and the procedure of how to fund.  

External Earn2Trade Review & Ratings

Trustpilot4.8/5 from 1,515 reviews
DayTradingz       4.5/5
Forex Broker Report    4.7/5


  • Minimum withdrawal requirement of $100

  • Trader Career Path – unique to the industry

  • Test on a $25,000 or $50,000 virtual account

  • Trading futures for Bitcoin and Ethereum is forbidden

  • Get the $400,000 funded trading account

Introduction to Earn2trade

Earn2trade was discovered in 2016 in America and is executed by fellow traders, and researchers investigating to support people to get funded. It is considered as the hiring agency with funded investors and the education supplier which stimulates people to study how to trade effectively. 

This corporation provides various obstacles that evaluate traders’ exchanging skills and capability to generate stable revenues in a few years. Earn2trade’s profiles will be given through affiliate exchanging agencies. 

The brand even brings a high-quality education course that supports clients with a wide range of various tools, knowing the leading market circumstances, studying risk control awareness, and engineering exchange.

Earn2Trade interface
Earn2Trade interface

How Does Earn2trade Operate?

Earn2trade comes with some obstacles that evaluate people’s skills. Traders who overcome the difficulties might be installed with a funded account from one of the prop trading collaborators. 

Next, those preliminary funded accounts might be loaded with a purchasing strength of up to 200,000 dollars (up to the previous obstacle obtained). Profits reached through the funded profiles will be divided into 80/20 of the investors’ favor. 

On top of it, Earn2Trade’s exchange platform brings you a lot of attributes to educate and train people when dealing with barriers. Those consist of video training, adjustable chart kinds, and insight into the built-in market.

Is Earn2trade a Scam or Legit?

The Earn2trade scam is not real. However, it is a legitimate corporation that offers trading training and assessment services. The organization comes with a precise and clear business example and a set track record. In addition to that, it extracts good feedback from people who have utilized the services. 

Next, Earn2trade collaborates with professional brokers to offer people more usage for trustworthy and safe exchange platforms. This can comply with industry security solutions to secure the client data and exchanges. 

It is quite crucial to highlight that as with exchanging-involved activity, there are more potential risks related, and investors have to assess the potential dangers before participating in the exchange programs. 

However, Earn2trade comes with different routes and technologies to support people in controlling risk, such as the risk control training session, approach to trading specialists, and the intensive exchange platform in which investors might deal without affecting money. 

In short, Earn2trade might not provide trader security funds since it is not a crucial broker or financial center that holds the exchangers’ funds. However, the organization offers precise refund regulation if problems occur and comes with a group that might support investors with queries.

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Basic Attributes of Earn2trade

Earn2trade provides a wide range of attributes that make it stand out in the various platforms. When it comes to the space, I might not disclose too much out there, but I could talk with them shortly.

The crash course is a part of Earn2trade's feature
The crash course is a part of Earn2trade’s feature

Personalized Training

Earn2trade comes with leading personalized training that investors can opt for, permitting them to enhance their exchange campaigns and tailor their solutions to their private targets.

Risk Control Solutions

Earn2trade does not witness your failure. They offer investors the usage of risk control solutions, assisting them to keep up with their risk tolerance degrees.

Simulated Exchange Background

When traders have finished the training session, they can take part in the simulated exchange background which imitates the authentic market circumstances.

The simulated exchange background is built to assist investors in improving their knowledge and boosting skills without affecting private funds.

Training Sources

Earn2trade offers an important training course that entails a lot of information to support traders in strengthening their exchange skills. The course consists of intensive video lessons, questions, and webinars.

Moreover, partners might have an opportunity to approach the Amateur crash course. Take into consideration this one out of every 10 individuals fails the assessment, that might be a wonderful source.

Trading Platforms of Earn2trade

Trading platforms are considered an important element for retail traders and professional investors. Even if you want to exchange virtual funds through the assessment, the trading platform is usually crucial. 

Next, that is quite essential to understand precisely how the trading platforms operate when you want to fund with a real account after overcoming assessment. 

Besides, it is a great initiative to take the time when exchanging virtual funds to boost exchange awareness and take advantage of trading training and educational resources. 

In this case, talented investors are outstanding prop agencies that need to rent to assist them in earning a lot of money through the exchange business. 

The funded exchange scope has supported to enhancement of various exchange occupations and the payouts of agencies discussed by their own.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Earn2trade

Like various trading platforms, Earn2trade offers its powers and fields for enhancement. Let’s follow this part to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of client experiences and platform attributes. 


The crash course is a part of Earn2trade's feature
The crash course is a part of Earn2trade’s feature

Intensive public assistance: Earn2trade boosts up the intensive public assistance and proposes outstanding client assistance such as live chat, and email assistance.

Trading background without risk: the platform’s usage of trading accounts supports investors and fosters their knowledge without influencing their capital.

Adjustability and compatibility: Earn2trade relates to various trading platforms and the degree of adjustability available for traders improves the client experience.

Suitable direction for funded trading: the Gauntlet mini-programs provide you with a precise and clear direction to trading with the funded account. That offers investors an important objective and the chance to kick in an ultimate trading occupation.

Total education: Earn2trade offers a sustainable educational program, such as the amateur crash course, and a host of training sources. In other words, it creates an outstanding platform for investors investigating to enlarge their skill platform.

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No free trial: Earn2trade does not give you a free trial. That proves leading clients might not experience the platform before getting a subscription.

Limited product orientation: Earn2trade concentrates on mainly the futures exchange. This can not appeal to traders fond of various instruments.

Commitment: The onus is even on the single trader to commit time when Earn2trade offers the tools and sources.

Cost: The monthly cost for all programs might be a big problem for traders, particularly for amateurs.

Fees and Pricing of Earn2trade

Investors have to pay a wide range of types of fees for exchange futures with real accounts through Earn2trade. The fundamental ones are the trading fees and contracts’ costs for specific trades.

Different charges might entail the NFA fee, payments to the connection of Rithmic ($0.1/trade), and the approach of exchanging platforms. The FCM (futures commission merchant) fees about $0.54 for futures and $0.46 for micro futures.

The monthly fee for market data for the exchange platform is approximately $105. The one-time subscription with the Gauntlet package takes you about $429. Last but not least, the monthly fees of Gauntlet Mini are divided between $150 and $350.

Fundamental Differences Between Earn2trade and FTMO

I will show you the basic distinctions between Earn2trade and FTMO in this part. Keep in mind and do not forget to share with your relatives.

1. Profit Split

Table 1. The profit split between Earn2trade and FTMO

Profit splitFTMOEarn2Trade
Managed amountup to USD 400,000up to USD 200,000 (start from USD 25,000 )
% Profit Split 80% (with a possibility of an increase to 90%)80% 

Profit split is among the most fancy factors for investors. Study the trading profit share you might get from traders with Earn2trade and FTMO.

2. Trading Restrictions

Table 2. The trading restrictions between FTMO and Earn2trade

Trading RestrictionsFTMO        Earn2Trade
Scalping Allowed Allowed 
News tradingAllowed (for Swing Account). For other accounts, the limitation is +/-2 minutes Limitations 
Algorithmic tradingAllowed Allowed 
Mandatory Stop Loss NoNo
Mandatory position closing before the weekend No (for Swing Account) Yes
Other limitations For traders who received real equity to manage after passing the exam, there are restrictions on daily/total loss of 5% / 10%  

Various prop trading organizations get some restraints for particular exchange campaigns. There will be some restraints for trading without Stop Loss.

3. Trading Assets

Table 3. The trading assets between FTMO and Earn2trade

Asset nameFTMOEarn2trade
Mutual fundsNoNo
Futures tradingNoYes
Stock optionsNoNo

In brief, almost all prop trading agencies concentrate on their exchange with particular markets such as futures, stocks, and Forex. If you get a hobby in an important market, do not forget to compare Earn2trade with FTMO trading properties to drive your final decision.

4. Trading Platforms

   Table 4. The trading platforms between FTMO and Earn2trade

Ninja TraderNoYes
OtherNoFinamark system

The trading platform is super crucial for a lot of investors, specifically for people who have more working experience with exchange bots and campaigns.

Prop trading organizations to operate with MT4, MT5, and cTrader forex exchange platforms and prop platforms of big brokers.

5. Regulation and safety

Table 5. The regulation between FTMO and Earn2trade

NationCzech RepublicAmerica
Establishment year20142017

The trust of the prop trading organization is massively up to its regulation. The most trustworthy corporations work in compliance with nations’ laws with high culture.

Next, a long cycle of operation from the worldwide markets and awards might even offer extra information about the corporation.


Now, it’s time to browse around popular questions of Earn2trade prop trading firm.

1. Could you tell me the profit split of Earn2trade?

As soon as you overcome one of the evaluations of Earn2trade, you might have an opportunity to approach the live profile. Those funded accounts might bring an 80/20 profit split for the investor.

2. Is Earn2trade regulated?

Earn2trade will be considered as the training agency rather than the broker-dealer. It is not regulated by the financial authority.

3. What are you going to trade on the Earn2trade?

Earn2trade is the prop agency that funds traders to exchange futures. In reality, you might exchange the CME future properties such as the micros.

4. Can you show me the rule of Earn2trade?

The answer is to trade with at least 15 days. In other words, reaching the profit objective by your initial account size.

5. When could I withdraw from Earn2trade?

The prop agencies tackle withdrawals at least once a week on Tuesday. The withdrawal demand will be sent to the prop trading agency at 2 p.m. before Friday.


After clarifying the Earn2trade review, it is legit and supported at a low expense. The organization is executed by clear people with authenticated exchange efficiencies. That service is fabulous if you want to comply with the gauntlet mini-rules. 

Their practicing materials and paper are beneficial if you set a goal to study them. If you a massive fan of forex trading, do not ignore the Earn2trade.

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