Lux Trading Firm Review: Transparency and Reliability

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With the role of the trader searching for capital, this will be competitive to identify which prop agency is suitable for your particular demands and targets. 

When a lot of prop agencies refer to assist people to develop, it’s vital to carry out your survey before opting for the one that is perfect for you.

In this Lux Trading Firm review, I will help you get closer to the precious understanding you want to determine if Lux Trading Firm is the best option for you.

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  • Funding Up To $10,000,000

  • The firm and the broker are 100% regulated

What is a Lux Trading Firm?

Lux Trading Firm is well-known as a London-based prop trading agency that puts more effort into assisting amateur and professional traders by offering them vital solutions and capital to overcome market competitiveness. 

Next, traders could exchange indices, debt, and forex by taking the exchange model they enjoy. As soon as completing the assessment, traders take the live-funded account with capital offered by the prop agency, taking out of the demand to affect their financial condition when they trade properties. 

The agency was discovered by specialist traders with 30 years of field experience. Those traders will change the market circumstances and have studied the internal and external elements of exchanging globe since the 90s. 

At this time, Lux Trading Firm develops a sustainable group of property managers, financial specialists, and fund managers who provide precious assistance and intent for investors. Lux Trading Firm has made partnerships with several biggest financial centers around the globe such as Credit Suisse.

A website of Lux Trading Firm
A website of Lux Trading Firm

Is Lux Trading Firm a Scam or Legit?

Let’s move to the reliability of Lux Trading Firm. Provided its clear rules, intellectual assets, best fame for the trading community, and funded accounts, the agency needs to be a scam and make a commitment to prop trading agency. 

Whether you are an amateur or professional trader targetting to exchange important capital or a newbie investigating to begin your trading orientation, it offers the platform that meets your demands. 

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that trading relates to potential danger consecutively and it is important not to affect more than you could manage to lose in the future. 

How does Lux Trading Firm run?

Lux Trading Firm deals with items uniquely than a common prop exchange agency such as FTMO. They get a double-step assessment procedure that is completed with demo operation, but you want to trade with money. 

When you want to make a registration, you opt for three capital levels. If you suit about 6% of profit target more than 29 exchange days and keep higher than 5% highest relative drawdown, keep calm to jump to step 2 of the assessment. 

The highest drawdown is known by getting about 5% of the highest value the account has met and subtracting that from your highest account value. When it comes to phase 2 of the assessment, the profit target jump up to 4% and the lowest trading days are decreased to 20. 

Who discovered the Lux Trading Firm?

According to Lux Trading Firm review, the individuals who discovered Lux Trading Firm are seen as traders with 30 years of field experience. In the 90s, seekers have been carrying out transforming market circumstances and studying what this gets to develop. 

On top of it, Lux Trading Firm comes with a group of property managers, financial specialists, and other developers. All of them maintain the sustainable prop agency. 

According to the understanding and assistance from the community, investors around this agency obtain the vital methods and solutions to reach the objective and accomplishment.

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Features of Lux Trading Firm

Lux Trading Firm offers a wide range of attributes that put it aside from its rivals such as

Different account choices

Many prop trading agencies provide at least one account size choice or a unique solution for investors to get the account. 

Run up to $10 million

The professional traders might go on developing their account size up to $10 million which is greater than a lot of agencies move. 

75/25 split

Even though investors might look for various prop agencies with mildly quite fancy payouts, more prop agencies split profits 50/50.

Intensive mentor program

A modern field of Lux Trading Firm is the capability to opt for a mentor who can support you via different trading rules. 

No limits

Lux Trading Firm is quite great in that there are no time restrictions for meeting profit objectives. 

Pricing and plans of Lux Trading Firm

Lux Trading Firm comes with simple rules when it discusses the prop agencies. Nevertheless, the prop agency obstacles are likely to hold a lot of rules which is crucial for understanding before starting. 

This blog post might offer you an intensive overview, but in specific, you need to validate the site. Let’s check this example of how you develop from $25k to $500k. 

Table 1. Pricing and plans of Lux Trading Firm

StepPhaseSizeProfit targetMax lossProfit share
1Evaluation (Demo)$25,000$1,500$1,25050% fee refund
2Advanced (Demo)$25,000$1,000$1,25050% fee refund
3Professional (Live)$25,000$2,500$1,00075%
4Professional (Live)$50,000$5,000$2,00075%
5Professional (Live)$100,000$10,000$4,00075%
6Professional (Live)$200,000$20,000$8,00075%

Account types of Lux Trading Firm

There are double kinds of exchange accounts such as the Lux Career Trading Plan and the Lux Elit Traders Club. The Lux career trading plan consists of three account sizes beginning from $50,000 to $200,000. 

In addition, this requests investors to reach about 10$ of the profit objective and chase up the particular trading rules. 

That account type is suitable for investors who manage the skills to go on but do not grab the capital for trading. 

Next, the Lux Elite Trader Club is known as a program constructed for investors at degrees, providing various attributes of every type of account. The program comprises a live exchange room, training content, and intensive workshops. 

Finally, investors might opt for three account sizes fluctuating between $50,000 and $200,000 and they get to monitor similar rules to the standard account, such as the 10% profit objective and certified property exchange.

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Lux Trading Firm’s Broker and Trading Platforms

Prop trading involves in trading securities with the agency’s money rather than the customer’s funds. They provide investors with usage to their strong prop trading platform, which makes a lot of useful campaigns. 

1. MT4 (Metatrader 4)

Lux Trading Firm even provides MetaTrader 4, a common trading platform for traders. This consists of ultimate engineering analysis tools and backtesting abilities. 

2. TradingView

TradingView is the next platform provided by this prop trading agency. In other words, it offers investors a strong charting tool to assist them in assessing the markets. 

3. TraderEvolution

TraderEvolution is a great trading platform. This offers traders a lot of intensive tools to standardize their exchange campaigns and enhance risk control. 

Pros and cons of Lux Trading Firm

It’s time to check and talk about the pros and cons of Lux Trading Firm to identify if that prop agency is suitable for you. 


– Rapid scaling strategy

– Trade various properties

– Affordable profit objective 

– Hold the forex trades through Saturdays and Sundays

– Offer free trial options

– Refundable fees for investors who overcome the assessment. 


– A huge number of compulsory trading days

– 5% highest drawdown limits the risk amount 

– Fees are quite pricey for investors

– Profit splits are mildly under average. 

Comparisons between Lux Trading Firm and FTMO

This section will cover information related to the differences between Lux Trading Firm and FTMO 

1. Available Capital

Table 2. The available capital between Lux Trading Firm and FTMO

 Lux Trading FirmFTMO
Available capitalHighest funding allowance of $10,000,000Highest funding allowance of $2,000,000

Lux Trading Firm offers real capital and 5X more than FTMO. 

2. Time limits

Table 3. Time limits between Lux Trading Firm and FTMO

 Lux Trading FirmFTMO
Time limitsUnlimited timeMaximum 30 days for the 1st phase assessment and 60 days for the 2nd phase.

Lux Trading Firm puts without limits, while FTMO puts a limited time for this competition. 

3. Profit share

Table 4. Profit share between Lux Trading Firm and FTMO

 Lux Trading FirmFTMO
Profit share75% profit split for customers and 25% profit might stick with LuxProfit split of 80% and up to 90% for capital scaling plan

FTMO offers a higher profit share than Lux Trading Firm. 

4. Highest loss limits

Table 5. Maximum loss limits between Lux Trading Firm and FTMO

 Lux Trading FirmFTMO
Maximum loss limits4% for traders10% for traders

FTMO brings a bigger loss buffer than Lux Trading Firm. Even though it is negative, a lot of traders might witness it as one as they can be deeper into the drawdown. 

5. Trading platforms

Table 6. Trading platforms between Lux Trading Firm and FTMO

 Lux Trading FirmFTMO
 MetaTrader 4, TradingView, and TraderEvolutionMetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, and cTrader

All prop trading agencies offer you a fair offering there. If TradingView is your favorite, as that is for all investors, Lux Trading brings a lot of great offerings.


You will widen your horizon about Lux Trading Firm after surfing around this section.

1. Can Lux Trading Firm provide discounts?

Not frequent, even though they usually provide the week free trial that is beneficial if you want to kick in the prop trading.

2. Can anybody participate in Lux Trading Firm?

Sure. Individuals might take part in the Lux Trading such as Americans so long as your age is 18.

3. What could I trade with Lux Trading Firm?

Lux provides a host of tradable properties much more than the normal prop agency that is built for the forex traders.

4. Does Lux Trading Firm provide swap-free accounts?

Of course. Lux Trading comes with swap-free accounts via their brokerage. You can keep in touch with client assistance for more specific information.

5. Can I get a second opportunity if I do not pass the trading target?

Sure. Lux gives the account reset choice. According to where you are in the session, it can reset double phases under your initial phase.


As for immediate funding offers, Lux Trading Firm is a good company that is capable of demonstrating that funded traders particularly exchange money in main accounts.

This is proved by their option of broker and trading platforms beyond the usual and other platforms. Once again, thanks a lot for reading this Lux Trading Firm review.

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