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If you want to become an enthusiastic trader who is in search of chances to design a leading exchanging career, True Forex Funds, a prop exchange agency located in Hungary, could allure your care. 

According to their magnificent framework, this provides undercapitalized traders usage to considerable exchanging capital, opening more opportunities for high development and profit. 

Based on this review, I will focus on the platform to assist you in identifying whether it deserves your investment. Read on to study more about their advantages, and the procedure of raising funds.


  • Funding up to $400,000

  • Accounts starting at $10,000

  • Weekend holding allowed

  • 80% profit split

  • Transparent payouts

Introduction to True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds is known as the prop trading agency, which is situated in Hungary and focuses on offering potential traders extra exchanging capital. 

Built to assist traders who can not get enough capital by themselves, this provides a perfect chance to use funding and improve exchange efforts.

Thanks to its concentration on stimulating traders through financial assistance, and chances for development; it sits as a trustworthy prop exchange agency at this time. 

On top of it, True Forex Funds gives potential forex traders a great chance to use real capital and flourish their exchanging opportunities. 

This agency chases up a comprehensive assessment route including in double stages. The first stage is to kick in the assessment procedure. Around the previous stage, traders embrace the assessment procedure by executing particular exchanging targets. 

The main target is to accomplish the high-profit target of around 8%, permitting exchangers to flex their exchanging capabilities. 

Next, based on greatly finishing stage 1, traders move to stage 2, bringing them nearer to being funded traders. The key goal of this stage is to put around 5%.

Overview True Forex Funds
Overview True Forex Funds

Features of True Forex Funds

Join me to figure out the key features of True Forex Funds. In other words, take a look at the fundamental features of this platform below. 

1. Low profit target 

True Forex Funds makes a low-profit goal of approximately 8% for stage 1 and 4% for stage 2, permitting traders to love a comfortable withdrawal with the highest loss and routine loss restraints.

2. Refundable fee

A lot of traders get the opportunity to use considerable forex trading funds freely since the assessment fee can be refundable with the initial withdrawal. 

In addition, traders even get the freedom to exchange the campaign or pattern for the system instructions. 

3. Huge product options

True Forex Funds come with a variety of products, such as forex pairs, energies, indices, bonds, and oils; making traders find out different markets. 

4. Swing and weekend exchanging

True Forex Funds assists swing exchanging without limits on keeping positions at night or over Saturdays and Sundays. 

Next, traders might even participate in weekend exchanging of cryptos with leverage, offering versatility, and more chances. 

5. Account development chance

Traders could boost their account by around 25% by getting 8% profit within three months of live exchanging and being profitable with 2 out of 3 exchanging months and without scaling restraint. 

6. Exceptional assistance

True Forex Funds offers rapid and beneficial assistance, making sure traders get the JIT (Just In Time) support if possible.

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Types of True Forex Funds account

Here are the popular types of forex trading accounts from True Forex Funds. Invest your time in researching them as well as accumulate more relevant knowledge so far. 

Types of True Forex Funds account

1. Standard

It is the most fundamental kind of forex exchange account. Traders regularly want to make a deposit of at least an amount of capital to get access to a standard one. 

This type of account particularly provides usage to a lot of currency pairs and exchanging instruments. 

2. Demo account

Demo accounts are not seen as exchanging accounts but rather as simulated accounts to practice. 

Traders could take advantage of demo accounts to study how the forex market operates and evaluate exchanging campaigns without affecting their current money. 

3. ECN account

ECN accounts provide instant usage to liquidity suppliers. Traders could use strict spreads and rapid implementation. They regularly charge a commission for exchange rather than enlarging spreads. 

4. Premium account

Premium accounts are built for special persons or institutional traders. They could provide private services and a wide range of different advantages. 

5. Copy trading account

Copy trading accounts support traders to copy professional traders’ exchanges in an automatic way. 

In addition, that kind of account is proper for people who need to chase up exchanging campaigns without actively exchanging on their own.

Trading platforms of True Forex Funds

Now, it’s time to move to the trading platforms of True Forex Funds. Take part with me to explore common trading platforms such as. 

1. MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

MT4 is among the most common and highly used exchanging platforms with forex exchange. 

This provides you with a simple interface, modern diagramming tools, engineering indicators, and automatic exchange via EAs (Expert Advisors). 

Next, MT4 relates to its sustainability and expandable library of plugins. 

2. MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

MT5 is the next generation of MT4 and provides a lot of similar attributes, along with extra abilities. This assists in exchanging with a variety of financial tools, such as stocks and commodities. 

Benefits and drawbacks of True Forex Funds

This part will summarize and propose the benefits and drawbacks of True Forex Funds.


Relaxed exchanging rules: It offers traders a level of versatility and freedom in implementing their exchanging campaigns.

Various trading platforms: Traders could opt for a lot of platforms provided by True Forex Funds, stimulating them to opt for the platform that involves their exchanging pattern. 

Intensive assessment procedure: the organization executes an entire assessment procedure that makes sure the stable and well-qualified traders raise funds or improve the exchange community’s quality. 

Chance to develop with sustainable traders: True Forex Funds provides the leading opportunity for account development, giving extra funds to traders. 


– Restrictive loss limits: When the True Forex Funds improve and enhance risk control, the imposed loss limits can be limited to specific exchanging patterns. 

– Monthly fee for assessment: Traders want to take into consideration for monthly fee involved in the assessment procedure that might be tracked like the financial commitment.

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Fees and commission of True Forex Funds

You will enlarge your horizon about the fees and commissions of True Forex Funds through this section. 

1. Management fees

It charges a management fee that is specifically calculated like a ratio of the properties below management. 

2. Performance fees

Those fees are often a ratio of the profits constructed by the fund. They stimulate fund managers to produce the best returns for traders. 

3. Trading commissions

According to the trading platform taken by the fund, there will be trading commissions related to purchasing and selling currency pairs. 

4. Spread costs

The spread is the distinction from the bid to the required price of the currency pair. Traders might face some additional costs with every trade. 

5. Withdrawal fees

Be cautious with fees involved in withdrawing funds from the forex trading account/forex fund. 

True forex funds’ alternatives of trading options 

I will show you the key comparison between True Forex Funds, FundedNext, and FTMO in this section.

1. Assessment process

True Forex Funds, FTMO, and FundedNext provide all traders with a wide range of funding programs around the world. 

True Forex Funds brings you a double step assessment, whereas FundedNext comes with double one-step assessments. Now, it’s time to have a look at the table of three brokers below. 

Table 1. The comparison of trading objectives between True Forex Funds, FTMO, and FundedNext

Trading objectivesTrue Forex FundsFTMOFundedNext
Profit target phase 18%10%10%
Profit target phase 25%5%5%
Minimum trading days (phase 1 and 2)5 calendar days10 calendar days5 calendar days
Profit split80%80% or 90%80% up to 90%

2. Account sizes vs fees

After researching the evaluation process, it’s time to cover the account size and fees of True Forex Funds, FTMO and FundedNext. 

Table 2. The differences between account sizes and fees of True Forex Funds, FTMO, and FundedNext

Account balanceTrue Forex FundsFTMOFundedNext
$25,000      €189€250$199
$100,000    €499€540$549
$200,000    €998€1,080$999

3. Trading rules

Before investing in True Forex Funds, you need to gain a deeper insight into it and other brokers like FTMO. Let’s check them out below. 

Table 3. The trading rules of FTMO and True Forex Funds

FTMOTrue Forex Funds
Weekend tradingYesYes
Overnight tradingNo. If the market is not opened over double hoursYes
Max capital$400,000$400,000
Copy tradingYesYes
Free entryYesYes
Platform transformationYesYes
KYC (Know your customer)Yes (after completing the verification)Yes, after stage 2
Refundable feeYesYes

4. Trading instruments

The next crucial element when making a comparison between the trading agencies is trading instruments. In the other words, you might realize which trading instruments you want to exchange from FundedNext, and True Forex Funds.

Table 4. Comparison between FundedNext and True Forex Funds

Trading instrumentTrue Forex FundsFundedNext
Forex PairsYesYes

5. Public responses

The final distinction that I would like to refer to you is the public response from FundedNext and True Forex Funds. I believe that you can have a deeper outlook on both trading agencies. 

Table 5. Public responses between True Forex Funds and FundedNext

True Forex FundsFundedNext
Quantity of reviews17876530

In short, based on table 5, you can realize that FundedNext receives more community feedback than True Forex Funds. 


Have a glance at these popular questions of True Forex Funds at this time. I ensure that you can gain more knowledge about it and other related brokers like T4Trade, Fxgiants, and The Funded Trader so far.

1. Are True Forex Funds reliable?

True Forex Funds is a trustworthy prop exchanging firm with a TU score of around 7.13/10.

2. Could you tell me the payout of True Forex Funds?

Some challenges from the True Forex Funds support with around 80% profit split. There are various prop agencies with high payouts, but I would like to claim that it is definitely the industry standard.

3. Is True Forex Funds swap free?

By providing swap-free accounts, they can assist a lot of traders and guarantee that each of us might join the forex market conveniently.

4. Is True Forex Funds discord closed?

It has not opened the Discord chat in a community. At this moment, the server might be in a read-only template in which traders could read the notification.

5. How to prevent forex charges?

It is realistic but the ideal solution to stay away from those fees is not to use a credit card abroad.


True Forex Funds offers potential traders an attractive chance to use the capital and make their trading career more successful in the future. 

According to the profit-sharing model, a wide range of trading platforms, and an intensive assessment procedure; the agency gives clear and necessary assistance for all traders. 

Last but not least, if you have any questions about the True Forex Funds platform, do not be afraid to let me know what your opinions are in the feedback box.

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